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Pregnancy Stretch Marks

By Annabelle Roylance

When you find out you are pregnant you know things are going to be different. Everything from how your clothes fit to body changes. Unfortunately this also means you might get stretch marks. Pregnancy stretch marks are marks left on the skin when it is pulled by very quick growth or weight gain. The usual places for them to appear are on the belly (stomach), breasts, thighs and buttocks. However weightlifters and bodybuilders can also get stretch marks on their arms. Nearly all pregnant women will get some. How many and how dark they are depend on their bodies and how good they are at stretch mark prevention.

There are many treatments and creams that help prevent stretch marks, such as Revitol Stretch Mark Prevention. Essentially you want to be certain your skin is always kept moisturized. This will allow the skin to expand easier and will reduce the likelihood of scarring. Check out our reviews of the best skin care products for stretch marks. You can also ask your doctor for their opinion on what works best. Most of the leading products offer a 100% money-back guarantee so you can test them for yourself risk free. If you aren’t satisfied with the results you can return them a full refund. The thing to remember is you must follow the directions and apply the creams daily. Maintaining the routine is the key to success.

Another thing that is easier said than done is healthy and exercise during your pregnancy. This will help to keep off any excess weight. Drinking lots of water will go a long way to keeping your skin healthy as well. It is very important to remember you don’t want to let your skin dry out! This is when you are most susceptible to getting pregnancy stretch marks.

If this is not your first pregnancy you are more likely to get stretch marks. Additionally large babies and twins (or triplets!) will also raise your chances of getting them. It is important to start using a stretch mark prevention lotion with vitamins A and E as soon as you learn you are pregnant. This is your best chance of reducing your chances of getting them.

After your baby’s birth you may find you have a few stretch marks even with all the precautions you took. While they will fade to some extent over time, there are many excellent products, such as TriLASTIN-SR which was featured on the Tyra Banks show, which are specifically designed to get rid of stretch marks you might still have. Laser surgery is another option if you are not satisfied with any of the topical products. And remember to consult your doctor and get their opinion as well.

Care for your skin daily and maintain a healthy diet. Their isn’t anything within your control beyond that to prevent pregnancy stretch marks. The best skin care products in the universe will not stop your body from doing what it is predisposed to do. While looking great in a bikini is something we’d all like (before and after delivering a child) it isn’t everything. Remember most mothers have these little souvenirs so you certainly aren’t alone. They are certainly something you should never feel ashamed about. So if you don’t avoid stretch marks or find out how to get rid of them, please remember at least that.

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Annabelle Roylance is the editor of Best SkinCare Products.
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