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Stretch Mark Prevention

By Annabelle Roylance

More than 50% of all women who are pregnant will get severe stretch marks while they are pregnant. According to the makers of Revitol Stretch Mark Prevention, this is one of the leading factors than can cause insecurity among women. Scientifically called “striae gravidarum”, streth marks vary in appurtenance. Women with lighter skin tend to have more pinkish stretch marks, while women with darker skin will develop stretch marks which look lighter than the skin surrounding it.

Stretch marks are not confined to the stomach alone. They can appear on the hips, breasts, thighs and butt. Some studies have shown that as many as 90% of women have pregnancy stretch marks somewhere on their body.

But what causes these stretch marks. Again, according to the makers of Revitol Stretch Mark Prevention:
Stretch marks are scars that appear on the skin due to a rapid growth of underlying tissue causing the skin to overstretch and ‘tear’. In case of pregnancy, the skin is under greater tension due to the fast changes occurring in the woman’s body. These hormonal changes can also disrupt the production of collagen, which is the compound that makes up the connective tissue in the epidermis, and thereby resulting in scars tissue formation popularly called ‘stretch marks’

Stretch marks can begin to develop at any stage for your pregnancy however they are most commonly formed during the later trimesters.

The elasticity of your skin will determine how many stretch marks Lotions and creams such as Revitol Stretch Mark Prevention will help you to prevent stretch marks. You could also check your family history and if your mother got had severe stretch marks when she was pregnant that odds are that you will too.

The amount of weight gained during pregnancy is another big contributing factor to the degree of stretch marks you get. The changes to your body shape during pregnancy can be very drastic. Rapid bouts of weight gain and the resulting skin stretch can lead to stretch marks more quickly.

Women who carry twins (or more) are more inclined to get stretch marks because their stomachs will get bigger than women who are only carrying one child. Additionally women who carry big babies are more likely to get stretch marks than women who don’t.

Here are some other factors that may contribute to your susceptibility to stretch marks:

As I mentioned above some of the very best stretch mark creams and treatments are available to the women of today. They work by moisturizing your skin with the vitamins and nutrients it most needs during this period. Read online reviews of the best skin care products out there and make an informed decision about what you think will best meet the needs of your specific situation.

So all you can do is your best to avoid pregnancy stretch marks. Keep your skin moist and best equipped to meet the demands rapid growth will place on it and try to keep weight gained to the recommended amount. And research commercial offerings like revitol stretch mark prevention.

After you have your baby it is time to assess the damage. In time most stretch marks will fade. While the texture my not be the same as the surrounding skin, the marks themselves will fade into white lines that are barely noticeable.

If your stretch marks are so sever, that it is impacting your self esteem, then you should look into the best skin care products available for this problem. There are many treatments available for treating pregnancy stretch marks such as Trilastin that was featured on the Tyra Banks show. If your stretch marks are extremely bad and the topical stretch mark removal creams and treatments haven’t worked, then you can always consult with a doctor and look into some of the surgical options.

It is recommend starting treatment as soon as possible after delivery, before your stretch marks have a chance to fade. This is when stretch mark removal creams are most effective.

While nobody wants to get stretch marks they are a distinct possibility when you are pregnant. But they don’t have to accept them as a forgone conclusion if you take the necessary precautions for stretch mark prevention. While you can not change your genetic make up (and genetics do play a role here), you can choose your diet, exercise level and how healthy you keep your skin. Generously keep it moisturized and give it the vitamins and nutrients it needs to endure the strain it is undergoing.

It is worth mentioning that pregnancy is not the only cause of stretch marks. Body builders, athletes and anyone else who experiences rapid spurts of growth or gaining weight.
Always remember that stretch marks are a souvenir of your pregnancy and while there is nothing wrong with using something like Revitol Stretch Mark Prevention to reduce the severity to which you develop them, once you’ve got ‘em don’t worry about it too much. Give Trilastin a go for stretch mark removal and then move on. You are the new mom to a beautiful new baby and a few lines on your body are a small price to pay for that reward.
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Annabelle Roylance is the editor of Best SkinCare Products.
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