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Skincare Discounts with Makari Coupon Codes

By Annabelle Roylance

Save and Buy Packaged Sets at

Makari, specialists in African American skin complexions have just released two new coupon codes.

First for Father’s Day, you can take 10% off of a $75 order or take 15% off a $150 dollar order. To take advantage simply visit Markari and enter coupon code TP10 or TP15 at checkout. The offer ends June 16, the day after Father’s Day and can not be combined with any other special offers or used on kits.

Secondly you will receive FREE Makari Hand & Body Lotion 8 oz. with your order of $65 or more. Enter coupon code LT2008. The offer ends July 31, 2008 and can not be used on kits or combined with any other specials.Click here to use coupon.

Makari is a luxury skin care line designed for dark skin and melanin rich complexions. The offer a variety of products including face creams, body creams, bath products and more.
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Annabelle Roylance is the editor of Best SkinCare Products.
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