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Our Trilastin-SR Opinion

By Annabelle Roylance

Does Trilastin Really Work?

Since first being featured on that now infamous episode of Tyra Banks, Trilastin-SR has swept the web by storm and has established itself as one of the best skin care products for pregnant women. Whether you are newly pregnant and trying to prevent stretch marks from forming or have already given birth and you are trying to remove stretch marks, this is the best stretch mark cream for either purpose.

Trilastin Negative Review

There is no shortage of comments from people who used Trilastin-SR and it is very difficult to find a bad review, while there is no trouble finding success stories. And of course a picture is worth a thousand words so the clinical before and after pictures on the company website speaks volumes.

Trilastin-SR is a specially formulated compound that contains the specific ingredients necessary to attack stretch marks on a cellular level. Through a careful blend of plant extracts, proteins and anti-oxidants, the stretch mark cream works by re-moisturizing the skin while restoring collagen to the affected area. Many have seen results in as little as four weeks.

You do not have to rely on our Trilastin-SR opinion, or anyone else’s for that matter, because it comes with a money back guarantee to so you are able to try it out risk free. EC Research Corp is currently offering a limited-time discount on Trilastin-SR.

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While I certainly feel stretch marks are nothing to be ashamed of or feel embarrassed about, women nowadays have a variety of choices available to them if they do wish to get rid of them. Laser treatments and chemical peels, while an option, can be expensive and don’t come with a guarantee. If Trilastin-SR doesn’t work, then you can get your money back. In our opinion you don’t have anything to lose, but your stretch marks.
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