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The End of Age Spots

By •Jun 21st, 2012 • Category: Anti Aging, Meladerm, Product Reviews, Questions and Advice, Skin Care News, Skin Lightening
…  plagued with Melasma or the appearance of brown patches on your skin you can use a skin lightening cream to help. Many manufacturers now produce skin lightening creams using natural ingredients that are highly effective and do not contain controversial hydroquinone. Kojic acid and licorice work well along with more sophisticated ingredients like Alpha-Arbutin. [...]

Is Skin Lightening Cream Dangerous?

By •Jun 14th, 2012 • Category: Meladerm, Skin Lightening
…  may be wondering if skin lightening is dangerous. You’re smart to wonder. First the bad news, then the good.   Source: via Bev on Pinterest In the past synthetic hydroquinone was a standard ingredient in skin lightening products: whitening cream, skin lightening cream, lightening cream to treat age spots. Hydroquinone has already been [...]

Melasma Treatment, Prevention and Information

By •Jul 31st, 2008 • Category: Questions and Advice
…  and is even seen occasionally in men. Treatment of Melasma Melasma is completely harmless and not painful, but dark patches on the face can be emotionally distressing. It can greatly diminish your self esteem and self confidence. For this reason women often search for a melasma treatment that really works. Effective melasma prevention starts [...]