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Do Argireline, Deanol, and Ubiquinone Cure Wrinkles? What the heck are they?

By Annabelle Roylance

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The bottom line here - Stop Wasting Time On Skin Care That Doesn’t Work.

People who worry about the signs of aging more and more are looking to over-the-counter products as cheaper, safer and more convenient alternatives to invasive cosmetic surgery. While no topical cream is truly a “facelift in a bottle,” there is clinical evidence that a high-profile cosmeceutical called Argireline, may have an immediate lifting effect on the skin.

You may have heard about some interesting sounding ingredients that are really exciting developments in the fight against wrinkles. Let’s take a look. The news about Argireline is especially interesting. From the creators of LifeCell:
It has been hailed as an effective alternative to Botox, and often appears alongside complementary ingredients that provide a more lasting effect on skin texture and appearance when used regularly.

An independent trial found that a solution containing 10 percent acetyl hexapeptide-8 (manufactured under the trade name Argireline and formerly known as acetyl hexapeptide-3) reduced wrinkle depth by 30 percent over 30 days of use, according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information.

Argireline is a synthetic peptide derived from natural proteins. It works by blocking nerve signals to facial muscles, creating a temporary “freezing” effect. Since topicals containing Argireline target the whole face rather than specific muscles, LifeCell Australia recommends that anyone prone to facial sagging should approach Argireline with caution and monitor their facial firmness while using it.

Acetyl Hexapeptide-3 – Ultimate Botox Alternative

Acetyl Hexapeptide-3 (AH3) blocks the nerve signals (neurotransmitters) that control the contraction of facial muscles. This produces a significant reduction in both the depth and size of dynamic fine lines and wrinkles. Evidence suggest that Acetyl Hexapeptide-3 (also referred to as Argireline) offers the same results as Botox without needles or the risk of damage to the skin or facial muscles.

LifeCell also contains the following:
Dithiolane-3-Pentanic Acid Anti-Inflammatory & Anti-Oxidant (D3PA)

Dithiolane-3-Pentanoic Acid is an antioxidant that penetrates skin cell membranes, where it neutralizes free radicals and increases the effectiveness of other antioxidants such as vitamins C and E.
D3PA fights the free-radicals that are known to cause wrinkles. Free radicals can cause wrinkles by attacking and damaging healthy skin cells.
D3PA has explosively more staying power than any other antioxidant and is a key ingredient in LifeCell.

Ubiquinone – Super Anti-Oxidant

Ubiquinone which most scientists claim clearly out-shines all other antioxidants available today.
It boosts our body’s ability to produce collagen, elastin and other important skin molecules, helping our skin look young, healthy and wrinkle-free.

Deanol – Muscle Toning and Firmness Activator

Deanol is considered a truly great ingredient to treat sagging skin. Speaking at the American Academy of Dermatology meet, Dr. Patricia Farris excitedly said… “This is the first time that we have seen evidence that any topical treatment could be helpful in treating the anatomic [muscular] changes that occur as a result of aging.”
Applying Deanol on skin helps produce acetycholine causing skin to firm and the muscles underneath to tone-up. Long-term use of Deanol helps to permanently achieve a leaner look because the muscle tone in our face improves.


LifeCell Anti Aging Cream

If you are tired of wrinkles, considering Botox, or just want to do preventative treatment, Lifecell Anti Aging Wrinkle South Beach Skin Care is an all-in-one product that is meant for you.

Benefits ascribed to Lifecell Anti Aging Wrinkle South Beach Skin Care include the reduction of crow’s feet around the eyes, wrinkles, and fine lines around the mouth.  It moisturizes and tightens the skin, improves lip tone and fades age spots and the dark “shiners” under the eyes.  The product does not use any harsh chemicals or artificial fragrances and is considered hypoallergenic.

The Power of Antioxidants

There is a lot of chatter on the news and commercials about things called antioxidants and free radicals.  Doctor’s encourage the eating of certain foods which are high in antioxidants in an effort to possibly prevent certain diseases.  These so-called free radicals are actually defective molecules that attach themselves to healthy molecules, prohibiting the free flow of oxygen and eventually damaging the host cells.  Antioxidants are the super hero molecules that block these radicals from their destructive assault.  There is evidence that free radicals are partially responsible for the tissue damage that results in aging and possibly disease.

Lifecell Anti Aging Wrinkle South Beach Skin Care has included powerful antioxidants in its formula as a way to fight the aging caused to the face by these free radicals.  In fact, one of the chief ingredients is D3PA, or Dithiolane-3-Pantanic Acid is a strong anti-inflammatory antioxidant found in yeast, red meat, potatoes and certain vegetables.  This substance, which is used by doctors to treat nerve damage caused by diabetes, not only works to protect skin tissue from further damage, but allows oxygen access to injured cells so that the natural healing process can begin.

Two other antioxidants in Lifecell Anti Aging Wrinkle South Beach Skin Care are a form of Vitamin C that dissolves in fat (ascorbyl palmitate) and CoQ10, also called Ubiquinone.  These help provide UV protection for the skin and assist the body in forming collagen and elastin, necessary components for a firm, healthy looking face.

Wrinkle Reduction

Some people use Botox injections to relax the skin and flesh out wrinkles.  Acetyl Hexapeptide-3, another ingredient in Lifecell Anti Aging Wrinkle South Beach Skin Care is thought to have similar properties – just without the painful injections and occasional adverse reactions.

Another wrinkle fighter found in Lifecell Anti Aging Wrinkle South Beach Skin Care is Deanol, a product that tones muscles while helping the skin to produce acetycholine resulting in firmer, healthier skin.

Deanol Effects

Like any anti-aging product, Lifecell Anti Aging Wrinkle South Beach Skin Care has a higher cost than over-the-counter applications found in the local department store.  Because of this, the company is willing to allow customers a month to evaluate the product before being charged.  In fact, they offer a full refund within 90 days if customers do not see any benefit.


• Hypoallergenic

• Filled with healthy antioxidants

• Natural way to reverse the effects of aging

• Provides UV protection

• Firms and tones skin

• Easy to use, all-inclusive product

• Fades age spots and dark circles under the eyes


• Initial results are mixed; not everyone responds in the same manner to the treatment

• Client is placed on automatic reorder from the time first order is placed

• Long-term results are more dramatic for some people than for others

What People are Saying about Lifecell Anti Aging Wrinkle South Beach Skin Care

This product has received mixed reviews, though there are certainly more positive comments than negative.  Satisfied customers brag about the visible difference Lifecell Anti Aging Wrinkle South Beach Skin Care has made in repairing wrinkles, age spots and other visible signs of aging.  Several customers mentioned that they had tried several anti-aging products, only to have to discontinue using them due to allergic reactions.  They were very pleased that the Lifecell product had none of those detrimental side effects.

A few people became concerned when they did not get the instant results others had experienced and quickly returned the product.  Other users, who also experienced slow, gradual improvement were thrilled that they did not give up.  The company acknowledges that no two people are alike, which is why they not only offer a free 30 day trial, but are willing to refund the full price of the product within a 90 day timeframe.

Customers who did return the product commented on how polite, accommodating and accessible the company was throughout the entire process.  Even customers who didn’t believe that Lifecell Anti Aging Wrinkle South Beach Skin Care was the perfect fit for them were impressed with the professionalism of South Beach Skin Care.

Taking care of your skin doesn’t just improve your appearance. Good skin care practices have a measurable benefit to your overall health. You do not have to invest in complex systems or pricey products to start taking better care of your skin. Here are 10 tips improve your skin care routine immediately.

  1. You should be able to determine just what kind of skin you have in order to manage it well. For example, if you have dry skin, you will definitely observe your skin is tight and perhaps even flaky after cleaning. You have to prevent astringents and cleansing soaps, use cream-based cleansers whenever you can, and non-clogging moisturizers to relieve as well as secure.

  2. If you actually want to have healthy skin, you need to quit smoking entirely. If you go on to smoke, the smoke from your cig will certainly dehydrate your lips and ultimately your skin. Analysis also shows that smoking cigarettes will gradually make your skin look older and age.

  3. One superb means to maintain your skin looking healthy and balanced is to be sure that you do not utilize sturdy soaps. These solid soaps strip your skin of crucial oils, inducing your skin to look dry and dead. As an alternative, you should try to utilize better light cleansing soaps, to keep your skin healthy much longer.

  4. Usage an anti crease cream nighttime no matter your age. The antioxidants discovered in a lot of anti crease creams will definitely assist your skin cells to duplicate as well as heal over night while you rest. Starting this regimen early can balance out the beginning of fine lines and wrinkles till later on in life.

  5. One of the things that you will definitely wish to stay clear of when you are eating is white starches. This ingredient will definitely dehydrate your skin, while increasing the amount of redness that you have on the area. Minimize the amount of rice, pasta and bread that you eat during the day, for a healthier skin tone.

  6. Include sun block as component of your skin treatment regime. UV rays may easily ruin skin, and can accelerate the indications of growing old. Skin cancer is an incredibly real option, therefore the skin has to be protected at all times. Using ordinary sun block, or makeup that consists of sunscreen, is strongly recommended.

  7. Assist your skin care program by limiting the sugar you put in your body. Excess sugar intake is believed to be one of the main reasons of premature increasing age. Excessive sugar causes sugar molecules to attack protein particles which damage collagen as well as loss of elasticity in the skin.

  8. To decrease signs of maturing, be sure to use sunscreen daily. Sunlight damages is a leading reason of premature wrinkles. Making use of an everyday emollient that is SPF 15 or greater may secure your skin as well as keep you looking vibrant for longer. Even if your face is currently establishing wrinkles, sun block could assist decrease the maturing procedure.

  9. To strengthen you skin, you need to receive some exercise. Getting your heart cost up rises your flow. This will certainly boost the blood movement to your face, which will definitely rinse toxins, producing healthier skin. Additionally, physical exercise has been shown to diminish anxiety, which is maturing to the skin. So, obtain shifting, as well as you ’ ll be healthy and balanced inside and out.

  10. If you are dedicated to taking really good treatment of your skin, some of these ideas have actually ideally provided you fresh skin treatment ideas. There is a lot even more data out there, also. Whether you are looking for affordable, low-effort skin treatment or seeking premier outcomes regardless of price, you may always discover concerning brand-new skin care methods to attempt.

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