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Do Argireline, Deanol, and Ubiquinone Cure Wrinkles? What the heck are they?

By •Aug 22nd, 2012 • Category: Anti Aging, Brands, Featured Review, LifeCell
…  has included powerful antioxidants in its formula as a way to fight the aging caused to the face by these free radicals.  In fact, one of the chief ingredients is D3PA, or Dithiolane-3-Pantanic Acid is a strong anti-inflammatory antioxidant found in yeast, red meat, potatoes and certain vegetables.  This substance, which is used by [...]

Dremu – Emu Oil Skin Care Products

By •May 30th, 2008 • Category: emu oil, Featured Review
…  off everything at Trilastin, CLICK HERE and use code feb15off, expires 2/28Emu oil is a centuries old skin care treatment used by Australian Aboriginals. It is 100% organic, contains no steroids or hormones and is completely safe to use. It possesses natural healing and moisturizing abilities. It is an anti-inflammatory that penetrates the skin [...]