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IQ Clear Remedy Acne Solution

By Annabelle Roylance



IQ Clear Remedy Acne Solution

Clear Remedy website

Clear Remedy fights acne at the source and is clinically proven to heal existing blemishes and to help prevent future breakouts. The key to Clear Remedy’s effectiveness in controlling acne lies in our 3-step system, which delivers a proprietary combination of 13 functional ingredients to the skin.

Rating: ★★★★★
Very few topical acne treatments have clinical trials to back up their claims. Clear Remedy does. Over a 6-week period, an independent Clinical Research Organization conducted a double-blind study to evaluate the effectiveness of Clear Remedy versus Proactive® Solution as well as a placebo control. 76 men and women between the ages of 15 and 55 took part in study.

Clinical Test Results




80% reported moderate to severe dryness

40% reported reduction in inflammation and blackhead count

15% reported new acne eruptions

0% reported completely acne-free skin


100% felt Clear Remedy soothed and moisturized their skin

99% reported complete irritation reduction

97% saw no new breakouts

95% reported extreme reduction in blackheads & pimples

95% rated the system “excellent” and would recommend it to a friend

91% reported clear skin with no active acne

87% of users saw fewer pimples in just 3 days


“I have suffered from acne for over five years and have tried nearly everything, including Proactiv®. Proactiv only irritated my skin by drying it out, and made it flake, which was really embarrassing. Clear Remedy worked wonders. My skin has never looked or felt better.”


“I’ve tried just about every acne product on the market, and I’ve never been completely happy with the results. They either aren’t effective or they dry my skin out. But this product worked on the hardest breakouts. My friends and family noticed the difference, and that feels great!”

Clear Remedy is offering a FREE trial right now, plus they are giving a FREE Gift of Clear Remedy Spot Treatment
Concentrated Benzoyl Peroxide formula for fast, pinpoint treatment of stubborn acne blemishes. I recommend taking a look at their site and reading the extensive documentation.



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