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Tyra Banks Did Not Recommend TriLASTIN-SR

By Annabelle Roylance

After famously being featured on the Tyra Banks Show, TriLASTIN-SR didn’t make the cut on Tyra’s Americas Next Top Model.  On last night’s season premier of ANTM, aspiring model Jennifer, from Orlando confessed, to Tyra that she had stretch marks all across the lower half of her stomach.  She listened to her story and watched her model a bikini, but Tyra Banks did not recommend TriLASTIN-SR or endorse it.

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It would have been a great for EC Research Corp, the company that makes the product, if Tyra had of taken that opportunity to recommend Trilastin SR stretch mark cream as a treatment for this problem, but alas, she let the opportunity pass by.

Overall the premiere was America’s Next Top Model at it’s best.  The show took on a school girl theme with the hopefuls attending “Top Model Prep”, a crash course in modeling.  Miss Jay Alexander took on the headmaster (headmistress?) role and lead the girls through “Runway 101″.

After eliminating a third of the models, the judges’ interviews were next.  It was during this segment that we learnt of poor Jennifer’s stretch marks and apparent lack of knowledge about the effective creams and treatments that exist today.

We also met other colorful characters including:

  • Chris Rock look-a-like Marvita, who after being cut from season 9 has been working out her anger management issues;

  • Exotically beautiful Fatima, who in shared the horrific and emotional story of undergoing circumcision as a young girl in Somalia

  • Jenna who made the tough decision to compete on the show, because she had big plans to trick out her Impala SS

Ultimately, after a photo shoot and more cuts, Tyra arrived at her final 13.  Actually 14, as she 13 is an unlucky number and called up Dominique, 23, a receptionist from Columbus, Ohio.

And how did Jennifer do?  Not only was Jennifer not tipped off to a stretch mark cream with guaranteed proven results that Tyra had featured on her other show, she failed to make the cut to the final 14.  Instead Whitney, 20, a student from Atlantic Beach, Florida will take her spot as this season’s token plus size contestant.

Even though Tyra Banks did not recommend TriLASTIN-SR to her on camera, maybe she mentioned it when they stopped rolling  If she did, and Jennifer gives it a try, I would love to see the results.
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Annabelle Roylance is the editor of Best SkinCare Products.
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