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Our Trilastin-SR Opinion

By Category: Stretch Mark Cream
15% off everything at Trilastin, CLICK HERE and use code feb15off, expires 2/28 Does Trilastin Really Work? Since first being featured on that now infamous episode of Tyra Banks, Trilastin-SR has swept the web by storm and has established itself as one of the best skin care products for pregnant women. Whether you are newly [...]

Home Remedies to Fade Stretch Marks

By Category: Home Remedies, Questions and Advice, Stretch Mark Cream, Stretch Marks
Are there any natural remedies to fade stretch marks? Nowadays there is more than one way to treat this frustrating skin condition. In fact there are so many different potential treatments that the choices can be overwhelming. You can opt for an over the counter cream such as Trilastin SR or Revitol Stretch Mark Prevention [...]

Tyra Banks Did Not Recommend TriLASTIN-SR

By Category: emu oil, Questions and Advice, Skin Care News, Stretch Mark Cream
After famously being featured on the Tyra Banks Show, TriLASTIN-SR didn’t make the cut on Tyra’s Americas Next Top Model.  On last night’s season premier of ANTM, aspiring model Jennifer, from Orlando confessed, to Tyra that she had stretch marks all across the lower half of her stomach.  She listened to her story and watched [...]

Best Cream for Removing Stretch Marks

By Category: Questions and Advice, Stretch Mark Cream
Regardless of the steps taken to remove them, there will often be some hint of your former stretch marks. They are scars after all. The idea is to find and use the best cream for removing stretch marks and to reduce their appearance to be as minimal as possible. The good news is that the [...]

The Best Stretch Mark Creams

By Category: Captiva, Product Comparisons, Stretch Mark Cream
Compares Captiva, Trilastin, Revitol, Stretta and Barmon. Find out which is better.

Trilastin Customer Review

By Category: Stretch Mark Cream
15% off everything at Trilastin, CLICK HERE and use code feb15off, expires 2/28 With each new Trilastin customer review it is becoming increasing clear that Trilastin SR is a both a popular and effective accepted stretch mark cream. Not all creams live up to the hype put forth by their manufacturers but with the testimonials [...]

Best Products for Fading Stretch Marks

By Category: Stretch Marks
After pregnancy many new mothers are left scouring the Internet trying to figure out how to get rid of stretch marks. Studies have shown that over the counter creams are the best products for fading stretch marks. These creams moisturize the skin and improve the skin’s elasticity when it is pulled during pregnancy, body building [...]

Stretch Mark Prevention

By Category: Stretch Marks
More than 50% of all women who are pregnant will get severe stretch marks while they are pregnant. According to the makers of Revitol Stretch Mark Prevention, this is one of the leading factors than can cause insecurity among women. Scientifically called “striae gravidarum”, streth marks vary in appurtenance. Women with lighter skin tend to [...]

Strivectin SD Anti Wrinkle Skin Cream and Stretch Mark Removal

By Category: Anti Aging, Stretch Mark Cream
Strivectin SD was first made available to the public in 2002 by exclusive distributor Klein-Becker. It was originally developed as a stretch mark removal cream, however it has exploded in popularity as an anti wrinkle skin cream. In fact it is now one of the best skin care products available for that purpose. Yes Strivectin [...]

Stretch Mark Removal

By Category: Stretch Marks
Every year, a large number of mothers undergo stretch mark removal procedures. Often that procedure is done with a cream right at home. These treatments are becoming increasingly popular. Especially with products such as Trilastin-SR being featured the Tyra Banks Show. So you are certainly not alone when searching for how to get rid of [...]